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The Bursary Fund

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We are committed to the School’s vision to ‘providing the opportunity of an outstanding education to bright children regardless of background’


Built on one legacy in 1513, Nottingham High School has been changing lives through education for over 500 years. From its foundation to the present day, the School has championed social mobility for the bright children of Nottinghamshire and the surrounding counties.

Following the withdrawal of state funding, the School set up a bursary fund that today provides financial assistance to over 100 students. Our support for bursaries has been complemented by income from the School’s modest Endowment Fund, local Trusts and Foundations as well as a number of generous Old Nottinghamians.

We make no apology for ambitiously aiming to create a sustainable Bursary Fund large enough to provide financial assistance so no child is denied the education they deserve. In order to achieve this we need collective backing.


Nottingham High School Bursary Brochure


Your support

Mr Kevin Fear, Headmaster

Your support

“It is one of the hardest part of my role each year to have to turn down very bright children who have ‘passed’ the exam when I can see how much they would benefit from the education at the High School.
I know what a difference it makes and if you are able to help at all please do give us your support. Social mobility is a great challenge for our nation but you can help play your part by supporting a bursary for one of the many applicants from all across the region who will then thrive in this environment”.