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The Bursary Fund

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Nottingham High School has always prided itself in educating students from a wide variety of backgrounds and our bursaries are really important in maintaining the school’s broad social mix.

Please find here our Bursary Brochure:

Nottingham High School Bursary Brochure

Your support will help us to do so much, in providing the superb education for which our school is renowned for many young people whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees. In many cases your help is enabling our bursary holders to be the first in their families to attend higher education. What a proud and ultimately life-changing achievement for them.

Your support

Mr Kevin Fear, Headmaster

Your support

“It is one of the hardest part of my role each year to have to turn down very bright children who have ‘passed’ the exam when I can see how much they would benefit from the education at the High School.
I know what a difference it makes and if you are able to help at all please do give us your support. Social mobility is a great challenge for our nation but you can help play your part by supporting a bursary for one of the many applicants from all across the region who will then thrive in this environment”.


Jan Toncar, ON 1961-68


“I have supported a number of students through the School’s Bursary Fund. As an eleven year old, I was fortunate to receive a Nottinghamshire County Council scholarship to attend a school that my parents could otherwise never have afforded. The School to me was so much more than an excellent education. When I look back, the ability to lead a disciplined life, to set objectives, to strive and meet them, to appreciate the performing arts, literature, history, adventure travel – it all began at Nottingham High School. Unfortunately, the local authority sponsorship, which I, and dozens like me, received, is no longer available. It falls upon benefactors to enable those bright children from modest backgrounds to be the best they can be. This was my opportunity to give back. It’s a great program”.