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Leaving a Legacy - The 1513 Society

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Legacy gifts will make a lasting impact on the future of Nottingham High School. By way of recognition, and as a small thank you, we would like to invite those who have remembered the School in their wills to join The 1513 Society.

The 1513 Society recognises those who have made a legacy pledge or contributed in a major way to Nottingham High School, and allows us to thank them in their lifetime.

Our events programme is a great opportunity to hear about current activities and future plans for Nottingham High School.

Making a Will




Nottingham High School was created with one Legacy in 1513 and has been providing an outstanding education for over 500 years. A history built on benevolence – we are proud of our humble beginnings.

Throughout our long history Nottingham High School has benefitted from bequests. Gifts take the form of money, stocks and shares and property.

A gift in your Will in favour of the School would be free from  Tax and it could also reduce the Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes due on your estate. You should seek professional advice when writing or amending your Will. Professional lawyers will be able to instruct you on the best options available on your personal circumstances and current legislation.

The School recognises that your bequest intentions are a personal matter, however the Development Team are happy to provide all the details you require and the appropriate wording.


Nottingham High School is a registered charity with HM Revenue & Customs (No.1104251)





The three most common types of legacy are:

A Residual Legacy – involves leaving all, or a percentage of your estate (after specific bequests and costs have been deducted).

A Pecuniary Legacy–  allows you to leave a specific sum of money.

A Specific Legacy – allows you to leave a specific item of value such as property, stocks and shares to the School

Our promise to you


The School acknowledges making a legacy is a very private matter, but it really helps to know what supporters are planning. It is also a real pleasure to be able to recognise your intentions in your lifetime and discuss with you personally how your gift will benefit the School.

The School respects all preferences noted in estate plans to the full extent possible, including honouring the privacy of any donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

For more information and to discuss your legacy further please contact us.